The fellow you see above is my former agent/rep. Marc Rosenbaum of 157 hudson Av. Tenefly,N.J. 201-894-1344 email: 

 This man is a thief , and a liar. Since my move to Columbus (7-1-02) , this man has bounced a large check owed to me, Has sold my work to galleries and clients without telling me about it (thus keeping all the money for himself), and has taken  6 other sculptures of mine and not returned them.

      The total amount for the fraudulent check and sold art comes up to $8000. the missing sculptures add up to another $10,100. This brings the grand total of theft to $18,100.  My whole story and evidence about this man can be viewed at  There are also other artists involved ,so please take a look. What I am looking for is this: I am trying to track down my 6 missing sculptures. If you are reading this and have bought my work from Mr. Rosenbaum from 7-1-02 through now, I must inform you that you have purchased stolen material.

       However, I am sure you did not know they were stolen at the time of purchase. Mr. Rosenbaum can be quite slick and deceiving. I need to know if you own one of these pieces. I have NO intention of prosecuting you , or asking for my work back.

      What I offer is this: For information about when you bought my work from Mr. Rosenbaum and which piece you have, I will pass on good title of the work and sign it off to you. 

     My concern is trying to put an end to Mr. Rosenbaum's thievery and bring him to justice in the New Jersey courts, and also to warn other artists who have done business with this man or plan to , to please beware of this man.
Alberto Chailosky 

Randy Cooper