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Sterling Silver Split Bracelet with Stone by
Rick Sindeband

Lifetime Signature Member

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Rick Sindeband:

Rick Sindeband's fascination for gems and metals began as a child after moving to Colorado in 1959. Rick acquired his first gold nugget in the early 60's, and by age eleven was creating his own stones for jewelry on a lapidary machine he was given for his birthday. In 1992, he started his work at events and fairs, and in 1993 took First Place at the Pueblo Art Guild's annual show: The Winter Arts Festival. After that Rick and his Dad (Allan) opened the shop now known as Skystone and Silver. Rick has studied many techniques and finds that Susan Kingsley's work with die forming has given him the most direction of any one individual. Graduating from the Conner Jewelers Institute in Huntsville, Alabama also gave him some additional techniques and training that was necessary to create some of the work for which he is now so well known. He received his GIA Diamond Certificate in July, 1999, and is continuing his studies in the GIA Graduate Gemologist program.

A n d a n t e Designer J e w e l r y . c o m

Designer Jewelry 
Leigh Allen

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14 carat faceted checkerboard amethyst pendant with black Akoya Sea Pearls, and 14 Kt. gold accents. Necklace is 20 inches long with enhancer and pendant. Matching 6 carat each faceted checkerboard Amethyst earrings in 14 Kt. gold.

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Leigh Allen:
Designer Jewelry

My jewelry is called Andante, which is a musical term meaning to move moderately slow, but distinct and flowing; because making and designing jewelry is a very creative and time consuming process.

I grew up in a business family and had my first business by the age of 22. I have always had a love of art and music, and a deep love of nature and the outdoors. When I go for walks I’m filled with peace and wonder at all the beauty I see here in the Pacific Northwest. God gave us so many beautiful gifts in nature. It is truly a gift from God to be able to pick up a rock or a piece of petrified wood, cut and polish it, and turn it into a piece of jewelry. I find my inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds me every day. I really can’t take credit for my designs, because when I start creating a piece of jewelry I know it comes from a much higher power. I feel the invisible hand of God guiding me every step of the creative process. For me, I am truly blessed to fuse elements God has created in nature with the inspiration He gives me to create a piece of unique wearable art. I love what I do and I hope it shows in my work. I create each piece of jewelry with love, and I am honored each and every time someone purchases my jewelry.

I also believe you reap what you sow in life, and to this end I believe everyone must give back to those in need. I donate pieces of my jewelry for charitable causes that have special meaning to me, like the Houston Heart Association, Chuck Norris’ KickStart in Houston Texas, the YWCA domestic violence prevention and intervention programs, Oprah’s Angel Network - Katrina Fund and Habitat for Humanity just to name a few. I do several donations in and around Washington State as well

I have a small studio in my home in beautiful Washington State. I work with sterling silver & 14 Kt. gold, precious & semi precious gemstones, AAA quality freshwater and cultured pearls, Murano Venetian glass and base metals. For the woman who wants presence, panache, and sophisticated elegance, there is no better way to express your unique personality than by the apparel and accessories you choose to wear. I truly believe that Jewelry can be more than an adornment. It’s a way of sharing your individuality.

As the Owner/Designer of Andante Designer Jewelry I only use top quality materials and I hand make and design only one of a kind jewelry that is perfect for the person looking for a Classic Sophisticated Style. It is designed to achieve an elegance that is sure to accentuate your wardrobe. I believe that my jewelry will capture and evoke beauty and personality that is as individual as you are. You will find my Jewelry Designs in Fine Art Galleries…. On Bainbridge Island, Whidbey Island, Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Port Townsend, Gig Harbor, and Ilwaco in Washington State.

Adiya Designs

Designer Jewelry
Adele Carson

"Fuchsia Turquoise Necklace"

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Adele Carson: Designer Jewelry

Growing up I always loved working with different mediums creating wearable art for my friends and family. Then in 1990 to 1993 I opened Aisha’s Gallery offering fine art created by emerging artists, sculptors and craftsmen. As time went on I became fascinated with semi precious stones and started designing beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces and selling them online and at craft shows. I love working with gemstones because there is such an array of colors, shapes and textures available in this wonderful creative medium.

In addition to rare semi precious stones, a large portion of my designs are inspired by the elements of nature, such as fresh water pearls, natural coral, abalone shells, amber, horn and much more. I am intrigued with their natural beauty and meaning. Coral is said to calm emotions and restore harmony; Turquoise, which is said to be the Master Healing Stone; Amber is said to bring energy and balance; Abalone Shells, which are intimately connected to the sea and Peridot, once considered more valuable than diamonds, just to mention a few.

Over the years jewelry has played an important part in a woman’s dressing style and is considered a major component to her overall fashion statement. Therefore, they are looking for that unique creation to stand out in the crowd. As a creative artist, I strive to bring that uniqueness and excitement to all of my discerning customers.

Cameron Design
Wildlife Fine Jewelry & Accessories
~ for men and women since 1990 ~
Rick Cameron

Sterling & 18K Gold Eagle Ring

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Rick Cameron: Designer Jewelry

Though educated as a geological oceanographer, life’s unpredictable little twists and turns led me to begin designing jewelry in 1988, while vice president of a medium sized fine jewelry manufacturer. A love of wildlife and a fascination with mythology have influenced both my choice of subject (animals) and my style of presentation, which a magazine once called “Deco-Gothic”. Although not consciously chosen, they are artistically my two favorite periods.

The Cameron Collection, launched in 1990, features dramatic wildlife jewelry and accessories for those in search of something out-of-the-ordinary. Depicting horses, lions, wolves, serpents, eagles, panthers, and other animals and nature themes in an elegant blending of fantasy and realism, our designs offer a bold and unusual look in men's and women's jewelry. All of our jewelry has sculptural depth, and each piece evokes distinctive, powerful and graceful images.

With the exception of casting and stone setting, every step in the making of our jewelry is done in our workshop in New York City. (Our money clips and belts are made for us by the undisputed master alligator and ostrich craftsman in the United States). All items are packaged in attractive, dark green jewelry boxes or pouches.

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