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Dreamweaver Studio
glass and sterling silver vessels by
Barbara Otterson

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Barbara Otterson:  glass art

I have been creating art for over twenty years-- ever since escaping from corporate America. I started out working two dimensionally, but found it too limiting. I experimented with various media before finding my artistic home. I now create primarily in glass and sterling silver with occasional inclusions of brass, gold, copper and gemstones. I love the elasticity and fluidity of glass. Its free-flowing nature takes me to places I might not explore otherwise. Juxtaposed with this is the unyielding character of metal. It seeks to hold its own and challenges me to shape it to my will.

During the past few years I have found myself exploring the vessel as an art form more and more. There is something evocative, instinctual, and basic in objects made to contain or hold. These instincts trace back to our earliest beginnings and quests for survival. Our forbears made baskets and bowls to gather the things needed for survival and to convey them back to home and hearth.

I use the works I create to convey emotion: to communicate with those who view them. I frequently dream my designs as completed pieces. I then go to my studio to give them life in the waking world. In this way my work conveys my dreams--figuratively and literally. My works can be found in the collections of private individuals, churches and corporations throughout the United States.

Balance Harmony
glass and metal on a board.
Thea Heinig - Lazarou

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Thea Heinig - Lazarou: glass art

Born in Germany, in 1960, Thea grew up and went to school in Wehr, Germany. She was involved in all kinds of handy crafts and went for art classes on and off, time permitting, all her life. Thea studied Hotel and Catering in Bavaria and worked in the profession for ten years in Germany, England and Cyprus. She came to life in Cyprus in 1980., where she started to work in a well known stained glass studio in Limassol in 1987. She worked there for four years and then opened her own studio in order to fulfill her dream to develop her own style. She feels deep passion towards art glass and likes to explore new dimensions. Thea took part in group exhibitions all over Cyprus and Germany and also is known to the public from the Arts & Crafts Markets in Cyprus. She has also had two sole exhibitions in Limassol in 1995 and 1996. Her work is also in private collections in Cyprus, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Skandinavia. Some of her public work can be seen in Nicosia and Limassol in Hotels and Restaurants. Thea works in copper foil technique, often combined with "hot glass", because she  feels that it brings endless possibilities for her creations.

Theresa Art Glass
Glass Art
Theresa Botha

"Frames Set of 2, Red, And Orange"

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Theresa Botha: glass art

It is very seldom where one finds four sisters and a brother, all artists each in their own right, with their own unique style which will excite you and/or your customers and that will most certainly ensure that these exquisite art pieces form the focal point of soft beauty in houses and offices.

Some of the lines of art that is on offer is that of the most exquisite frameless kiln glass art work, such as beaded plates as well as glass and beads in frames, all hand painted by Theresa Botha. A must view. We supply to the retail industry, do exhibitions at various shows and malls and also supply to Corporates.

We will gladly assist you with regards to decorative ideas linked to our product range by paying you visit at home at the post affordable prices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. This will enable you to consider which of our range of products suits your house and blends in with your furniture etc and focus points in your house.



Oded and Pamela Ravek


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Oded and Pamela Ravek:  Glass Art

Oded Ravek's influences are the colours and light found in the beauty of the mountains, sea, and deserts of his birthplace, Israel. He incorporates vibrant, gorgeous colours and brilliant textures in each of his glasswork. Fairly recent to this stunning medium that has found him, Oded began his artistic life as a doodler, and later, a mural artist. After his duty in the Air Force and as a Reservist in the Artillery Corps, Oded began working with computers, then as a graphic designer and illustrator. Oded has now found his true love (and his wife is not upset...)!

Pamela Ravek has a great sense of style, texture, colour and balance with which she loves to infuse her abstract glass art pieces. Formerly working in corporate media, she is a native Ottawan who loves each and every season, the cooler the better (and her husband is not upset...)! Together, they are passionate about creating wonderfully colourful, whimsical, intriguing, one-of-a-kind and distinctive stained and fused glass art for function and display. They welcome Private and Corporate Commissions.

View the OR DESIGN glassworks gallery at www.ORDESIGN.com. They are always happy to discuss glass! Email: ortov@ORDESIGN.com Phone: 613.769.2130.

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