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 J.W. Morlan's Unique Wood Gifts.
Walnut Pen Case

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J.W. Morlan:

Johnny designs and handcrafts all natural solid wood limited edition, commissioned and custom made creations. Each is signed, dated and numbered. Each is accompanied with a certificate and documents organized in an elegant folder. If given as a gift, pricing includes up to 4 special lines of wording of the purchasers choice added to the certificate! Custom made inquiries and orders are welcomed. 

Johnny has worked with unique woods since 1983. His short biography is featured in the 2001-2002 edition of the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs. He is a member of Rainforest Alliance Smart Wood Program, National Arbor Day Foundation, Woodworkers Book Club and a life member of Handyman Club of America. Some of his designs, woodworking tips and jigs are featured and published in trade magazines.

Some of Johnny's creations have been bought by or given as presents to professional people, foreign dignitaries of state, celebrities and even the President and the First Lady of the United States.

Hand Carved Folk Art
by Maryland Artist
Tom Crowl

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Grape Wreath Clock - French Oak, Napa Valley Barrel

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Tom Crowl:
Hand Carved Folk Art

As a performance artist, Tom enjoys entertaining audiences - but he always felt the need to express his creativity in other mediums. It wasn't until he decided to carve a wooden Santa for Dierdre, that he figured out exactly what that form of expression would be. His first hand carved primitive Santa ignited Tom's passion for the art of wood carving.

Tom feels his love of wood originated from his grandfather, who was a carpenter. When he began to carve wine barrel heads, Tom learned many of the original carvers were also graphic artists and sign painters. About the same time, his mother showed him a portfolio of his great grandfather's work. His great grandfather, a German immigrant, was a highly talented graphic artist and sign painter. Tom believes that his ancestry is, in a sense, speaking through him as he creates his works.

From hand carved signs, to exclusive carved wine art, Tom enjoys freeing an image from wood. In addition to his own creations, Tom also accepts custom wood carving commissions.


Doug Rowell

"Dragon Den Strat"

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Doug Rowell: Woodcarver/Sculptor

Doug Rowell has been carving wood since Cub Scouts at the age of 8. In the more than 50 years since, he has carved artwork ranging in size from a 3 inch white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to an 18 foot tall tree for the late Merv Griffin. His specialty is solid body electric guitars, having carved more than 100 since 1969. Though Doug is primarily recognized internationally as the premier carver of electric guitars, he is always ready and anxious to step out into new adventures in wood sculpture.

Functional Art Since 1991
Jungle Animals
giraffe, lion, tiger, elephant, zebra wood animal jigsaw puzzle sculptures by
Steve Cunningham


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Steve Cunningham: Wood Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Steve Cunningham was born and raised in New Orleans. Except for a train, skates, and finally a bike, at age 12, all of Steve's toys were hand made by his Uncle Walter, who was also an artist. As a child, Steve spent much of his time watching as his uncle whittled, sanded and shaped each one. In time, he learned to make them for himself.

At age 18, Steve was trained as a paratrooper and served in Vietnam where he received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star among other metals. After returning to the United States, he took up construction and remodelling. He met his wife, Marsha, while remodelling a house across the street from where she also was doing renovation work on an old home. Eventually they married, and finally began to think about what they could do together after they retired.

When Steve's construction business slowed in the early 1990's, he and Marsha watched a scroll saw demonstration at a fair and decided on the spot that it was something he could use to develop another trade. He asked Marsha, who was an art major in college, to draw dinosaurs for him to get started. She started with the brontosaurus and horses she had drawn many times as a child, and then tried other creatures.

They began going to small street shows and farmers markets. Every week folks would ask for an animal that they didn't have, and would be told to come back next week and it would be ready for them. They ended up adding it to their collection, and so it grew and grew! However, everywhere they went someone would say, "You belong at an art show. This is art!" But what's an art show, the Cunningham’s wondered? After some research, they began to find a few and now travel the country, displaying their collection.

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