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Calf Creek Falls
Gary Adler

Life Time Member

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The Wall and the Tree
Gary Adler

Life Time Member

Web Site  U.S.A

I have done many varied things in this life, but one of the things I have long enjoyed is being in nature. And so, I set out 15 years ago to explore and record with my cameras. I spend a lot of time in the mountains and deserts of the West. I enjoy looking, seeing, experiencing, capturing and experimenting. I shoot Color at times when I want to record exactly what I see and Black & White when surreal or unusual elements appeal to me. I love developing the Black & White negatives to my preference and then seeing what I can obtain in my print. I shoot mainly with a 4x5 Deardorff view camera, though at other times I use a Hasselblad. I hope you will visit my sight as I have many diverse images there.

Nude Canvas
Lars Schotzau

Web Site  United Kingdom

I am 26 and I haven't used my eyes. I haven't seen things my eyes should have seen. But with every single day I can feel a slight movement of my eyelids. I am 26 and I haven't seen my thoughts. I had thoughts I should have seen and there are thoughts that should be seen. But with every single day I add one piece to the huge puzzle. I am 26 and I haven't used my hands. But this important tool of my body will help seeing things and seeing thoughts. 

Washington Square
Alberto Zarate

Web Site    United States

Alberto Zarate is an award winning black & white photographer whose works have appeared in shows and galleries throughout the northeast. All of his prints are selenium-toned gelatin silver and hand printed on fiber base paper. He does 100 percent of the work on all of his prints, with each print being signed, dated, titled, and numbered for authenticity.


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