Evans Wall Gallery and Evan Carter group of Galleries

Evan Wall Carter  UPDATE

Evan Wall Carter also known as Michael Harrison was arrested at 8 a.m Thursday January 9 2003. This is one con man that is now off the internet due to the efforts of all the people involved. 
The police have charged him with  42 counts of FELONY GRAND THEFT
Nick Chaldakov's works were found well 24/28 of them, as were $36,000.00 us in statues that belonged to
Lamia Jamal who approached artspace2000 with this  about 2 weeks ago. The police have seized all computers, printers, scanners, all art work of any kind even if he had permission to have. The police said there may more charges laid as time goes on. Mr Harrison aka Evan Wall Carter is in jail and has no computer privileges awarded to him.
 We will keep this open and updated until we know that it has been brought to an end.

Before the Arrest
http://www.else'sdepot.com Do Not give your credit card info to this man
What are people saying about the Evan's Wall Gallery and owner Evan Carter.
Is the Evans Wall Gallery and Group of Galleries what they claim they are ? Is Mr. Carter who he claims to be? Read these stories and be aware of what others are saying and then you can make your own decision . 

As of August 29 2002 Evans Wall Gallery can not be reached under the url www.evanswallgallery.com he is tired  of people finding out  that he is using their images without their permission and now hides his site with a password protected code. He only gives out the password to people who sign up at www.elsesdepot.com  and pays a fee using his unsecured server and giving their credit card info. Do Not give your credit card info to this man he has used other peoples card and processed unauthorized payments

Here are the stories of some the people hurt by this man and the comments as they unfolded during the year artspace2000 investigated this man
Pat Mckenna  Missing paintings     Threat to throw paintings in Biscayne Bay   shipping email  NEW More Lies time for action   paintings
Tracy Gardner       6 missing paintings   
Nick Chaldakov     missing images   Not returned as of yet Police locate 24/28
Martine Genicot    missing Paintings  Not located  yet
Sharon Sheley     
money returned
Hélène and Peter        Farewell Mr Carter by    Threat to Helene and Peter
Storm web  and artspace2000 threats
Frank Diaz Escalet      Unauthorized prints for sale  message to Evan 
Sylvie Flender  Evan Carter returns from the dead
Lamia Jamal  Police locate all 5 statues in Evans apt. Jan 05 still not returned unathorized credit card use
NEW** Evans Wall Gallery Illegal selling of works they maybe yours

What Mr Carter has to say :
Evan Wall Carter  update  update I  update III  update IV   update V   updateVI   updateVII 

Have you seen , or have you been offered, any of these works as the artists are looking
for them.
click here to view missing images
Have art that is missing ?  Email us an image and we will post it for you free of charge. In the past we have had dealings with a man who claimed to be Evan Wall Carter also known as the Evan's Wall Gallery,  Elses Depot ,EGI Solutions, Evans Group of galleries

We did a background check as far as our capabilities would let us, and here are a few things we could not verify or found to be different from what was posted on his internet site.

1)... Evan Carter claims he is a lawyer and this is 
NOT TRUE. We have filed a complaint against him with the Florida Bar Association and that organization has pressed charges against this individual. Evan Carter is not his real name

2)... The web site Evans Wall Gallery is registered to a person by the name of Michael Spade. 926 Michigan suite 11 in Florida.
A bachelor suite in a condo and not a busy corporate gallery or business as we were led to  believe

3)... He has used the names of John Parker, Wilow Bota, Viviene, Cynthia, and many other names in order to look big.

4)...Mr Carter stated he lost a brother and a partner in the World Trade Center disaster on Sept 11 2001
We have been unable to confirm this and no names such as Jon Carter nor his partner Mattie appear on any sites or lists  that we have found listing the victims of that terrible disaster.

5)... He has claimed to have started a foundation for the victims of this tragedy
No Foundation listed in his name can be found

6)...He claims to have galleries at 800 Brickell in Florida;
NOT TRUE ( as per the investigator he has never been a tenant at this address and his gallery in Miami does not exist )

7)...He claims to have a gallery in New York
NOT TRUE ( there is no gallery located at his mentioned address )

8...He claims to have a gallery in Paris

9...He refused to return a painting called Renewing the Spirit to Tracy Gardner (read her story and others ) this painting is called Renewing the Spirit. He also reneged on a signed $80,000.00 contract.
Renewing The Spirit was returned shortly after the publishing of this page and the stories of others were made public

10.. Mr Carter claimed to have had an art exposition and listed the escrow account number at the Bank of America
NOT TRUE No such number or account existed as per the bank

11... We have received a copy of a credit card statement that the artist is claiming Mr Carter took 2 unauthorized payments consisting of $500.00 us dollars each from Pat Mckenna's credit card that were unauthorized
see statement

12. He claimed that he had a secure server

13..)He claims to be an art appraiser and dealer and showed the logos of highly respected companies.
NOT TRUE The companies were contacted about this and Mr. Carter was told to remove the logos at once. (He did remove the logos )

14. My name is Pat and he has tried to threaten and blackmail me and said in an email that if I drop the charges about him practicing law without a license he would return Tracy Gardners painting to her.
We refused

We are making space on artspace2000.com for anyone that wants to tell their story and what happened. We receive over 1/2 a million visits a month and we want all those people to know what our experiences have been and what we have found to be untrue.
The above is facts on what we could not prove and what we found to be not true. All we ask is that you read the stories and make up your own mind about what has happened. We have posted Mr.Carter's emails with no editing and guarantee that the emails are his and in his own words. Any one requesting proof of any of the above facts please contact me 

People are banding together to get rid of internet fraud and the people behind the scenes. The sad thing is with 1 hour of time and $25.00 they can be back up on the net and under another name and you would never know.

We have spent 10 months investigating this man and supposed gallery.
Most of the pages that contained the above information have now been removed from his site and he is now claiming to have moved his gallery to Winchester England.

If you want to have your story published all you have to do is email us at
info@artspace2000.com if you do not want to tell your story but to give us the facts then just tell us that in your email and we will see that it does not get published but that is not the idea and we would like to be able to print what you say. If you are approached by a company and they look good and you are sending your paintings or large amount of money CHECK THEM OUT !!!!!

If you don't know where to begin ask us and we will help you.
Mr Evan Wall Carter  aka Michael Spade aka M Harrison  are not the type of people you would want to deal with or be associated with.

Pat Zubriski
Stony Mountain
Manitoba Canada
204 344 5070
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