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Jack Rabbit


Mary Taylor   

Web Site          United States

The wildlife sculptures I create are more than art made of steel or bronze rods. They represent a powerful connection to and understanding of the grand forces of nature – the natural movement and growth that are so vital for our imaginations to grow and reach out towards our dreams.

From interior natural images, to exterior sculptures, all of my works are based on unique and intricate patterns of realistic animation that capture a timeless strength of spirit and intensity of aliveness.











Robert Vowles

Web Site      Canada


My earliest artistic impulses were satirical. Whether drawing unflattering cartoons of family members, building life size dummies or playing class clown, my creative sparks were baby thunder bolts. As I grew older I came to love surrealism. I appreciated the way surrealist images pulled the rug out from under the conventions I grew up with. I lost myself in the imaginary worlds created by artists like Hieronymous Bosch and Salvador Dali. However unlike these painters my artistic inspiration required that my artwork be in the world, in 3 dimensions. I determined to be a surrealist sculptor. 

After graduating with an Honours BA in political science from "The University of Toronto," I utilized my artistic skills as a 3 dimensional illustrator for ad agencies. I continued producing fine art and dreamed of creating a themed gallery for my art and the work of other surreal sculptors. I hated displaying my sculptures in clinical gallery environments like some sort of lab specimens. I imagined displaying them in an environment that was not only compatible visually, but theatrically as well. 

A venue that would empower the artwork and inhance it's meaning. 

This dream exploded into a full fledged theme park proposal for the Toronto waterfront called Labyrinth. The comprehensive business plan, complete with financials and site plans, invisioned turning an abandoned power plant into a 250 million dollar theater-theme park hybrid. This theme park would feature interactive live theater integrated with simulator technology. After 7 years of enthusiastic participation by some of the world's great architects, theme park designers, financial advisors and government bureaucrats, the apathy of politicians and lack of vision by financial backers, put the project to a slow death.

I continue to balance my commercial career with my surrealist vision. I have more projects in mind than I could complete in several life times. What do I do to keep grounded? I produce politically satirical cartoons for my own product line of course. Juggling those adult thunder bolts is always exciting.


Barry Woods Johnston

Web Site     U.S.A

After earning a B.S. in architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, Barry Woods Johnston studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Design and the Enzo Cardini, Nerina Simi, and Romanelli Studios in Florence. He is fluent in Italian and partially fluent in German and Chinese. Johnston has received numerous prizes and commissions
 endorsing his ability to capture form and anatomy in motion.

Known for his robust, gravity defying, energetic figures, one critic called him "A mystic in metal."
Johnston brings to his work innovation and daring imagination. His bronzes and stones reflect a rich array of symbolism. Subjects are derived from mythology, religion, literature, psychology and the contemporary dilemma. Johnston also excels in portraiture, bringing with this intimate medium more human clarity and sensitivity. His sculptures embody a wonderfully imaginative fusion of humanity and abstract design possible when a man’s soul seeks to know the mysterious will of God. Both imaginative and realistic, his art transcends materialism, grasping the heart of what makes life worthwhile. He explores questions about whom we are as we consider where we’ve been and where we are going.

In Johnston’s words – "Although I wholeheartedly believe in and support freedom in the arts and sciences, unfortunately human ambition and weakness allow us to abuse this freedom. Artists and scientists must take an active role to address and support the humanitarian issues surrounding the use
of our art and science. Works throughout my career that explore basic moral issues surrounding applications of art and science include the ‘Mandala,’ one of my first and alternately called ‘E = MC˛.’ Although religion-based, this piece amazingly parallels the lessons of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Also, ‘DNA Maypole’ speaks about the family structure as being the heart issue surrounding our knowledge of DNA. ‘Chaos’ was motivated by my fascination with the Theory of Chaos. Finally, Global Madness speaks of the Cold War period when
unlimited research lead to today’s lethal technologies."



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